Is it hot enough for you? Across the United States (and the globe) there are millions sweating in the heat of the summer. What do you do to cool off? Stay in the air-conditioned comfort of home? Swim in a pool or shower in cold water? What if you could invite your friends and family to join you on you very own PRIVATE beach? Now that is refreshing!

The real estate market has been as hot as the summer we are having here in Western New York. Houses and properties are selling or renting out at double the asking price in many cases. If you are trying to buy, get ready for some fierce competition.

As we continue to set records for heat in Buffalo and New York State, there is a beach that has come up for sale that is just a few minutes from Buffalo. This property in Angola looks dreamy and just the place we want to be to take a dip or watch the most incredible sunsets over Lake Erie.

GORGEOUS LAKE ERIE BUILDING LOT IS FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! This PREMIUM lot is 1.2 acre, tucked between Bennett Beach & St Vincent De Paul Beach.

Private Beach For Sale Near Buffalo

The forecast is calling for the mercury to climb in to the record territory over the next few days. After what has been a windy, warm and VERY dry start to summer, now we get the heat. But before we get too worried, let's not forget what the fall and winters can be like here in Western New York. It all seems to balance itself out and sooner or later we will be talking about record snowfall.

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