Wouldn't it be great if you could get a three-day weekend, every week? That's what happened at Microsoft's Japan campus back in August.

According to WIVB, Microsoft's campus in Japan switched to a four-day work-week for one month and found that its employees were more productive!

The employees were also urged to cut down on time spent on emails and meetings.

It wasn't just a "little" more productive either. It increased by 40 percent. Over 90 percent of Microsoft's employees say they were impacted by working a four-day week.

Another factor you might not think of is the company saving on utilities, such as electricity, which happened as well.

They plan to try another experiment later this year and that's not a surprise, given the success of this trial.

Could you imagine a four-day work-week being the norm? Come to think of it, who is the person that invented the five-day work-week?

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