Hey, if she likes it, she likes it! 

A man in New York state is planning to propose in a fall-themed way to his longtime girlfriend who will tell you that “Fall is the best season of them all.”

For the sake of not spoiling the engagement surprise, the couple will remain anonymous

It was brought to our attention last year that a U.K. based jeweler, Angelic Diamonds, was working on a pumpkin spice inspired engagement ring, and it actually looks like one of the most beautiful rings you will see. 

The ring features a rose gold band, promoting the shape of a pumpkin, with a “whipped-cream shaped” center diamond, which is surrounded by a cluster of white diamonds and orange sapphires in a “cup-shaped claw,” according to National Jeweler

On the inside of the band, it says “Pumpkin Spiced,” but the man planned to personalize the engraving to “For my pumpkin.”

The cost of the pumpkin spice engagement ring is priced at £10,000 ( or $12,567 at current exchange rates). The ring is delivered in a limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Latte ring box and yes, it smells like pumpkin, too! 

If you are consider popping the question this cuffing season, you can see more fall-themed engagement rings when you click here. 

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