It's not too often you can see another planet in our solar system so prominently but that's exactly what will happen on November 11th.

According to WGRZ, am extremely rare occurrence will take place on November 11th called a "Mercury Transit." Yes, you'll be able to see the planet, Mercury!

What is a "transit" you say?

It's when a planet passes directly between the Earth and the sun. They only happen 13 times every 100 years and the next one won't occur until 2032!

But remember, Mercury will be passing directly between Earth and the sun. That means you'll need a special solar filter to observe the Mercury Transit...and of course, non-cloudy skies.

You need to get your safety specs now though, and you can do so through a reputable vendor that meets international safety standards for these sorts of events. You have to order them quickly so you can get it in time for November 11th.

Without proper eyewear, you risk temporary or even permanent damage to your eyes.

The transit will be viewable from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and western Asia.

I love anything to do with space and our solar system, so I will definitely be getting safety glasses to view the Mercury Transit!



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