Going to a movie theater in 2019 is a whole lot different than it was say, twenty years ago.

For one, you have soft reclining chairs and plenty of leg space. No longer are you at the mercy of who sits next to or in front of you. Secondly, the picture and sound quality has gotten so good, you really do feel like you're where the movie is taking place.

So it's hard to imagine they can make major improvements to your movie-going experience but that's exactly what Regal Cinema intends on doing.

According to WKBW, Regal theaters at Walden Galleria, Destiny USA in Syracuse and Crossgates in Albany will undergo major renovations and upgrades this summer.

"The entertainment industry is progressing further into the future, driven by cutting-edge technology and creativity," said Todd Boruff, Senior Vice President of Real Estate for Regal. "Like Pyramid, Regal is motivated to create the best movie going experience for our guests from the moment they walk through the door. To deliver on this promise, Regalhas invested in top technology, including 4DX and ScreenX, the best cinema design and service, all to ensure that our customers enjoy the ultimate cinema experience."

The Regal at the Walden Galleria Mall will soon have a 4DX Cinema experience. The technology is considered to be the biggest innovation to cinematic technology to date. Regal will invest more than $1.0 billion into building new theaters and renovating existing ones.

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