You may remember a couple months ago, the Food Network was coming to Western New York with their show "Restaurant Impossible."  Tonight you'll be able to watch it.

"Restaurant Impossible" is a show from the Food Network that tries to rescue restaurants that seem to be floundering or struggling in some way.  When they came to Buffalo, they went to Casa Di Francesca's in Buffalo, Park Vue in Buffalo and O'Neill's Stadium Inn in Orchard Park.

Tonight we will get to see the episode that was filmed at Casa Di Francesca's.

If you've been there since October, you may have noticed that they did a makeover of the dining room, but this wasn't just a makeover.  The improvements started from the inside out and they didn't all go smoothly at first.

Casa Di Francesca's owner Steve Marchione says that he and the show's host, Robert Irvine didn't hit it off right away.

"At first, me and Robert didn't get along too well. He was a little rough, and you'll see if you watch the show I'm probably going to look like a crazy person for just a second. We had our differences, but he actually has a way of flipping your mindset through shock, and really getting you to see things in a different light, which is all in the end is all good and it's all for my benefit, and my children." - Steve Marchione, owner of Casa Di Francesca

The episode is titled "Bogged Down In Buffalo" and it will be available to stream starting at 9pm tonight on Discovery+.

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