It has been awhile since I've been to an Escape Room and I never want to let this amount of time go between rooms again! My sister was in town with some friends and they were really wanting to go which was perfect because I had been itching to get to the new room from The Exit Rooms! Known for The Nursery, Locker Room, CSI: Buffalo and the mobile rooms these guys know how to lock you in!

Salem is a quest to find a Spell book that can release the town's people from the curse and this task is not easy! A simple note on their website gives you a little tease of what to expect,

"Double double toil and trouble,
fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Locks and keys and secrets loom
as you work together to escape this room.

The people of Salem have befell
to this witch's magic spell.
Enter her house and look around;
the Book of Spells, it must be found.
Recite the words to release their bound,
and free the people of this Salem town."

Here's the deal about this escape room... it is FULL of puzzles! Yes, they have some physical keys but most of their keys are puzzles that keep you thinking and keep you guessing! This is what I love about The Exit Rooms, they are always finding for new ways to create clues and put you in front of things you haven't seen before! If you LOVE puzzles this room is for you!

This room is great for all ages and by that I mean it is not scary! We were able to get out without a clue in about 45 minutes but there were times we almost hit the button for help! If your looking for a good challenge with a fun theme and "locks" you've never seen before you need to check out Salem!

 HURRY! this room will only be open through May and it's a room you do not want to miss!

Don't forget to check out The Exit Rooms Mobile Escape Rooms too!

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