I swear when I come back in my next lifetime, I am coming back as a zoo keeper or something.

Luna, born at the Buffalo Zoo, turns four months old today (March 26), and man, she has more energy than one can handle. She's quickly growing up from the 1.5 pounds she weighed when mother, Anana, gave birth to her at the Buffalo Zoo. Veteran vet technician Alice Rohauer has been feeding her bottles constantly to get her to the 45 pounds she's at today; Luna's been eating 150 grams of meat and consuming nearly 5 bottles per day.

Luna, who is still too young to be out in a habitat opened to the public, remains the only polar bear left at the Buffalo Zoo. After her mother became agitated shortly after giving birth, it was to the point that zoo officials decided that she would not properly take care of Luna.

Don't worry though: Even though Luna is getting plenty of attention 'round the clock from zookeepers, a brand new orphaned cub will be joining her in the Buffalo Zoo. Kali, a 4-month-old orphaned cub found near Point Lay, Alaska, on March 12 after his mother had been shot, will arrive to meet Luna sometime in the spring.

Zookeepers Megan and Lindsey, who are giving Luna a ton of attention, told me that the new cub sometimes thinks she's a human and that it's time to ween away from so much handling. They're also trying to tone down on calling her Luna, since a contest is being held to name her (though after talking to Rachel, head of the zoo's PR, I don't think suggestions like Mrs. Fluffy are going to cut it -- so the hunt for a name is still on).

Rob Banks

But, to get the Buffalo Zoo in top-notch shape and renovate a state-of-the-art habitat for Luna and Kali, the Buffalo Zoo has a big price tag over their heads -- $18 million. Now, only $3.5 million is left to raise, but that's where we come in Buffalo. Every little bit helps, and you can contribute right here. The City of Good Neighbors is asked to step up to the plate and help out any way they can to help us raise the goal!

Also, if you're really itching to get to the bear, businesses or people willing to donate $10,000 will get their own personal experience with Luna at the zoo. It is essential that the money is raised so that we do not have to move the bears to another city and we can keep them right here in Buffalo!

If you still need to get your fix of Luna cuteness, don't worry -- between noon and 3 p.m. every day, you can come watch Luna on camera play her heart out.

A big thanks to Rachel, Katie and Mike for having Amber and me come hang out at the zoo for the day!

Rob Banks
Rob Banks