The next school year is going to be a challenge for students, parents and teachers in every district across New York State. However, Rochester schools have already ripped off the band-aid and shared their plan; remote learning only.

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According to the reports, the Superintendent of Schools in Rochester has instructed people to be prepared to learn from home for students in grades 5 through 12.

Things like remote learning became routine before the end of the last school year. But there was always a hope that some sort of vaccine or plan would allow for at least some sort of return to normal.

In the Buffalo area, schools seem to be leaning toward a hybrid model to begin the year. There is also a backup plan should there be another outbreak of the virus in New York. Infection numbers seem to be staying low or manageable and as long as we stay below the 5% threshold, school districts will have the green light to proceed with their plans should they be approved.

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