The Buffalo Sabres will begin the 2021 season in just a couple of days and this season you may notice a new set of logos will be featured on the players' helmets.

In an effort to make up some revenue that was lost after the start of the pandemic, the NHL will allow teams to have advertising in different places like helmets.

For years, the boards around the ice have held advertisers names and logos. So much that when you see a game played in the Olympics it is weird to not seem them on the boards. But this is nothing new when it comes to professional sports. What is considered product placement in television shows and movies has been a part of NASCAR for decades.

The cars in NASCAR are coated in logos from company sponsorship. But it goes beyond that. When a driver wins or is interviewed after a race, they are often holding a sponsors beverage. Their uniforms are also filled with advertising.

Is it a sell out for leagues like the NHL to place logos on helmets and such? I could see how some might say that. But considering the change in policies regarding fans in arenas, teams need to find a way to make up revenue and this may be the best way to grab that.

Buffalo Sabres Goalie Masks

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