Well, this 4-year-old boy, Paul Franklin, brought back a souvenir that he didn't even know he wanted at the time.

Paul was on vacation with his parents in California and fell and got a scrape on his knee. After a couple days of not healing, they took him to the doctors. The doctor gave Paul some antibiotics, assuming all would be well soon.

Days go by, and Paul's mom notices that the scrape still had not healed, and while Paul's temperature went down and he was feeling better, the scrape was not healing properly. Ignoring the doctor's orders, Paul's mom squeezed the pus out of his knee and noticed something black, a rock perhaps.

Well, she got the "rock" out only to find out that the rock was A SNAIL. Not only did the snail get under Paul's skin, it was STILL living.

Paul isn't mad though. He kept it as a pet. and appropriately, after the new Disney film, named him Turbo.

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