We’re not dealing with the snow and cold for a while here in Western New York. It’s officially June and it’s warm days ahead for the next several months.

However, even though we get to enjoy warm weather through September, this is the time of the year that thunderstorms are at their strongest. The weather can change on a dime in the Buffalo region in the spring and winter, but it can also do that in the summer.

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Over the next eight hours, thunderstorms will be around in Western New York and they could be severe in nature.

The National Weather Service has just issued a severe thunderstorm watch for all of Western New York until 10 pm tonight.

Not everyone will see thunderstorms that are severe in nature, but if you do experience these thunderstorms they could produce winds over 50 mph and small hail, with heavy downpours.

These thunderstorms could strike during afternoon drive time, so keep that in mind if you’re going to be out on the roadways this afternoon or evening. Reduced visibility could be an issue.

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