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[LIST] Nicknames For Western New York Towns
If you've watched a XFL game (the new football league) you may have caught this the other day. An official was reading off of a stat sheet, that was clearly not proofread because he read 'Cheektavegas, NY' on live TV. What's a nickname that you have for your city or town so we ca…
6 Rules For Your Dating Profile Photos
Since it's 2020, if you're single, you're probably using an app (or five) in your search for Mr. or Ms. Right. Since your photo is the first thing anyone is making a judgement based on, you want to put your best selfie forward.
Limited Time Buffalo Sabres Vodka Bottles [PICTURE]
I know you're probably not the happiest with our team right now, but things will EVENTUALLY turn around (we hope). New Amsterdam Vodka has come out with a limited edition Buffalo Sabres bottle.
The all white bottle with the logo will be a collector's item to go next to your Flutie Flakes an…