Even if you paid attention to the forecast this past weekend, it was still a shock to wake up on Monday morning and see your car buried in over a foot of snow and travel advisories in place.

The winter storm that blanketed parts of the midwest and southeast, swept through Western New York late Sunday night and through Monday morning, and was as predicted. That's because this was not a narrow lake effect snow band, which can be more unpredictable based on wind change.

This was a winter storm that was helped by lake enhanced snow around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Buffalo got slammed with a foot and a half of snow.

While things have quieted down a bit, we are not through with the snow, sadly.

According to the National Weather Service, most of the region can expect a few more inches through tonight, and there's even more snow for Tuesday.

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Lake effect snow will set up and dump an additional few inches of snow through Tuesday morning.

The City of Buffalo issued a travel advisory on Monday morning and if you can stay at home the rest of Monday, it's a good idea to do so; so the plow drivers can clean off the roads and make it easier to get back into the swing of things for Tuesday.

If you have to work, be careful driving and allow yourself plenty of extra time.

We are Buffalonians though, so this is nothing new.

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