It's officially April, which means it's the first full month of spring on the calendar.

Every year when we get to the start of April, there's a letdown when it comes to the weather. People like to think that the warm weather has arrived but then we're still hit with bouts of snow, sleet and cold temperatures.

This past winter was brutal for those off of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, however, the majority of that came in November and December; with a rather quiet January and February in terms of snowfall totals.

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March saw a roller coaster of temperatures but now April looks to be on the warm side as we head further into spring.

Looking ahead at the 14-day forecast for Western and Central New York on The Weather Channel, the lowest high temperature will be 44 degrees with no rain or snow (Friday). Other than that, 50's and 60's will be the high temperatures until the third week of April and usually by late April, that is it for the snow.

It looks as if snowfall is over for this winter-spring in the State of New York.

Thunderstorms will be the story on Wednesday, with the threat of severe thunderstorms for New York. Rain, lightning and wind will be around, so be careful if you're going to be driving around tomorrow.

It's not 100 percent guaranteed we're done with snow, but looking at the 14-day forecast, it sure looks like we're over with those bitterly cold temperatures and snowfall, which is perfectly fine for everyone.

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