Halloween seems to be sweeping every retail store across Buffalo, but we are all waiting for one particular store to open up for the season.

And that store is none other than Spirit Halloween. 

Look, I realize we are not even sending the kids back to school yet, but some of us (like me) are more than eager to have our go-to Halloween store back on the block. 

Typically, Spirit Halloween opens up their locations in early August, so any day now we should be able to walk on into the hub of all things spooky.

Some Spirit stores have already opened up around the country, with perhaps the earliest store opening on July 30 in New Jersey. That grand opening is designed to signify the official start of the Halloween season, which Spirit advertises as July 30. 

Spirit is expected to have 6 locations again for the upcoming season in Western New York, but they are still preparing for those store openings. 

Photo Credit: Canva Image
Photo Credit: Casey Lauren

Imagine seeing the orange banner for Spirit Halloween, becoming wildly happy, and then finding out the doors are still locked.

“The mood whiplash was real when I found the doors locked, seeing that the store was still in its embryonic stage with bare floors and unopened boxes,” Casey Lauren, local Halloween enthusiast, wrote on Facebook.

It’s almost time for the doors to open, so no need to worry! Just a few more days until the nation’s largest Halloween retailer reopens its doors for the season.

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