It's been three weeks since the Buffalo Bills lost against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Divisional round.

The 27-10 score was a gut-punch for a Bills team who had Super Bowl aspirations. The game was a huge letdown, which led to media and fans blaming both players and coaches, since it was very clear from the first series that the Bills weren't ready to play against a great Bengals team.

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The loss was not because of one player or one unit, it was the true definition of a team loss. The offense and defense was bad.

One image that everyone now focuses on with that is Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs showing visible frustration towards quarterback Josh Allen on the sideline during the second half of the playoff game.

Diggs did not answer questions after the game and was not available to the media during locker room cleanout day.

Diggs finally broke his silence, appearing on a few shows this week during Super Bowl media festivities.

He revealed his frustration on the sideline was due to not getting the ball on a 4th down conversion the Bills had to have.

Stefon Diggs did reveal the dream for him and his brother, Trevon Diggs, is to play together one day.

Diggs doesn't regret of his visible frustrations, since all that hard work and adversity they faced was for nothing with that performance against the Bengals. Diggs added they weren't the same team after week 9; they weren't winning games "as smooth," which he said on The Dan Patrick Show.

It's clear Diggs was frustrated and still is to a degree, which I have no problem with. Some accountability is needed after that loss against Cincinnati.

The comments about playing with his brother one day is something that Bills fans may be worried about, but Stefon Diggs is under contract with the Bills through the 2027 season, although the possible outs in the contract start in 2025. That means Diggs is for sure in Buffalo the next two seasons at least and probably through 2025 as well.

The dead cap hits dramatically lessen by 2026; which by then, Diggs will be 33 years old.

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