There is a rumor going around and honestly, I am here to spread it.

I was at the Broadway Market over the weekend for Soup Fest and was talking to someone there who was a vendor: selling Dyngus Day shirts and pussy willows and when I made a comment about the Broadway Market being like the OG Super Flea Market, the vendor told me.


The Super Flea was a flea market (obviously) that was on Walden Ave. in Cheektowaga where the new Walmart is. In 2014, the Super Flea was taken down for Walmart and people were sad about their weekend tradition of going to the flea market coming to an end. Every weekend you can find some of the hidden and random gems: video games, animals, baked goods, trinkets, anything you could think of.

I had to look into it because I thought: 'how is no one in Buffalo talking about this yet'. But, it looks like there is some substance behind it! In an Instagram post, Queen City Vintage says that the 'Super Flea' is returning. When you go to the Queen City Flea Market website that was recently made, you can see that they are eyeing a Summer 2022 open.

Where is the new Super Flea going to be in Buffalo? It is unclear if there is a location picked out for the brand new Super Flea coming to Western New York. Someone on Instagram did ask for a little clarification, but the Queen City Flea account offered little insight:

@buffalo_bodegas:  Wait no article I can find??
@queen_city_vintage_716 @buffalo_bodegas: we just announced it here on IG. It hasn’t hit any outlets yet
We will keep you posted when more details become available.

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