Football on Thanksgiving Day has become a tradition for pretty much everyone. If you were sitting at the table during the Cowboys/Dolphins game on Thursday you may have missed this "cute" moment.

Being on the sidelines at a football game is risky as we have seen cameramen, coaches and other players get knocked over, and just earlier in this season Saints head coach Sean Payton had to have surgery on his leg after a player ran into him. Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten had just completed a pass from his quarterback Tony Romo as Witten was chased out of bounds by a Miami defender, he got the first down and tackled a cheerleader at the same time. It was a funny moment. The cheerleader that was tackled by Witten was not injured and as the video below shows, she was awe struck by the moment. Unfortunately for the cheerleader the run-in with Witten is as far it goes, Witten is married and has two children. Besides making new headlines, I would bet that the cheerleader has been fantasizing about the moment.