McDonald's Is Releasing A 'Nutella' Burger
No, Rob Banks, this is not a drill! McDonald's is releasing a  burger with Nutella on it! Unfortunately, for Rob Banks he will have to go to Italy purchase the burger.
The Facebook post from Italy's McDonald's states:
"A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able…
Felony Arrest
You be the judge here.
Ridiculous or well-deserved?
After all it is stealing--but, maybe it's one of those things that happen more often than you think. In Springfield, MO a guy went through the drive thru with his tow friends, ultimately ordered three large tap waters with food, dumped out the w…
6 Years Later
The box might actually decompose before the food does.
One woman decided to do a little bit of an experiment. She bought a chicken nugget happy meal with french fries and left it at her work for 6 years. What do you think it looked like now...
Kiosks at McDonalds
Honestly the dual drive thru lane had me worried that orders would get messed up more than ever, but that seemed to work out for McDonalds.  Now Kiosks have entered the picture.
Just like the check in at the airlines, you simply type in your order instead of talking to the person behind the coun…
In One Song
Over the years, you've probably heard millions of commercials.  Many of those commercials have very familiar jingles.  But did you know how similar those jingles are?  Check out this video from Grant Woolard.  He combines 25 popular jingles into one song.
Trashes McDonald's!
If you've ever been fired from a job, you might know how frustrating it is.  However, it's never acceptable behavior to then go back to that job for your last check and then TRASH the place.  That's what this guy did after the McDonald's from where he had just gotten fi…
Free Food!
Western New York McDonald's will be participating in McDonald's 'lovin' campaign where they may ask you to participate in a positive, loving act and in return, they'll buy your food for you.
But, there's a little bit of a trick on this one...

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