How To Prevent
We spoke with the Health Commissioner of Erie County on Monday about the norovirus outbreak at Orchard Park Schools.
Under Investegation
Buffalo Schools will have their bus drivers and system looked at inside and out while the State will be investigating two separate allegations of sexual abuse on their buses.
According to WGRZ:
The Buffalo lawmaker questioned whether the state's school bus drivers are properly trained to recognize and…
Teachers Banned
What do you think about this move by a Superintendent in North Carolina?
Though many young kids are taught "please" is "the magic word," one school in Charlotte, North Carolina, actually asks its teachers to use the word as little as possible...
Halloween Canceled
This has so many parents outraged in a Connecticut school district. They sent home a letter to the parents saying that it was time to cancel all of this year's Halloween activities in the district. A letter was sent home to parents explaining this was due to "incidents of children bein…
5th In U.S.
It's no doubt that New York has some of the highest education standards for our students, but that also comes with a price.New York has 3 different regions in the top 10 per-student spending in the United States.
According to the Buffalo News:
Per-student spending in the Buffalo Public Schools is…
Should She Be Fired?
Imagine this:
You're a teacher and you see a kid blowing his nose on others, using inappropriate language and pushing other students.
You confront him and say "do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends...
The controversial proposal from the Buffalo Public School District are considering making condoms available in all city high schools.
Would the condoms being made available 'encourage' kids to engage in sexual activity or is would this help prevent some of the pregnancies in the schools...
What Was Banned In Your School Because Of Some Crazy Incident?
I went to Lancaster High School where during my high school career some of the weirdest things were banned. Going down the laundry shoot and bouncy balls were a couple of them I can remember.
The laundry shoot.
You would think you didn't have to tell people to go down a laundry shoot, right...

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