Wing Prices
The price of your favorite wings are going up! A Buffalo standard and tradition for just about any football game party anywhere, the chicken wing industry is facing a shortage!
King of the Wing
In preparation for the Buffalo Wing Festival this weekend, WYRK wants to find out once and for all--who has the best wings in Buffalo???
Chicken Wings
Take these stats with a scoop of blue cheese. If these are the averages for Americans you have to imagine the numbers for WNY are higher.
A new report is out and it states that Americans will eat 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime...
Bar Bill Take-Out
If one thing is for sure in WNY it is that getting a table at Bar Bill in East Aurora can be a task. Hitting the popular bar and restaurant at off times is often your best bet to grab a spot! With the famous hand painted wings and Beef on Weck it's one of WNY's most popular spots...

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