Teddy Bears were tossed out of a plane all over town and the Border Patrol Guard gets arrested. How does that end up?

A Belarusian border guard was sentenced to two years in prison Monday when he failed to report border crossing by a Swedish plane tossed out hundreds of teddy bears into the country. Each teddy bear carried pro-democracy protest messages.

The guard will spend two years in a maximum-security facility.

According to CBS, The strife over the stuffies eventually escalated into a diplomatic war between Belarus, a former Soviet republic of about 10 million, and Sweden. Each nation who expelled the other’s ambassador after the parachute drop on July 4, which is also Belarus' Independence Day. Sweden has long been open about its desire to see democracy take root in Belarus”.

In addition too, two civilians were arrested as well. One young man who put pictures of the teddy bears on a website of his and another man who offered a place to stay to the plane’s pilot.

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