With all restaurants and bars being closed for dine-in, lots of local places are offering delivery or pickup.

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If you have a smartphone, here are some of the best Food Apps around.

Wegman's Meals2Go - They offer Curbside pickup, In-store pickup or delivery and are currently running a promotion that waives the delivery fee.

Grubhub - They allow for delivery or pickup and have hundreds of places. All you do is pop in your zip code and they will show you a map of places near you.

DoorDash - They are currently running a promotion where they waive the delivery fee on your first order.

UberEats - They currently only offer delivery but are always adding new restaurants.

Postmates - They offer both pickup or delivery.

If you prefer to call the restaurant yourself..check out this list of places that Producer Rob from Clay and Co. came up with. CLICK HERE

Aslo...lots of listeners posted places on our Facebook page.

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