The Bills game against the Bears was bad, we can all admit that it was hard to watch and as a fan hard to take. Another loss and another reason for the country to rag on the area. However, even though networks and other fans can make fun of the team all they want they should NEVER mess with the Bills Mafia. Yes, mafia members jump through tables. Yes, mafia members have set themselves on fire. And all those seems to make national news. However, it's the other side of the mafia that really shows the true side of this city and our fans. The City of Good Neighbors did again and they did it in response to a slam!

It started with a tweet from NBC Chicago Sports and it inspired one to show them just what the Mafia was all about!

This then went the way that only those in Buffalo would know it would go.... the right way. Donations started to pour into the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the suggested charity from 26 Shirt's Owner, Del Reid.

You will see a ton of these same tweets if you check out Del Reid's timeline. All in all not only did the mafia respond with the high road and heart, the raised awareness for an amazing foundation. At last check, the mafia has raised over 8,000 dollars for this Chicago charity,

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