Remember a couple months ago when the Bills were vying for the best fanbase in the NFL?  This time, it's the Sabres that need your vote.

It's another bracket style competition being put on by NHL on NBC Sports' Instagram page.  This time it has to do with the best sweater in the NHL.

The Buffalo Sabres are presenting their golden Sabre jersey for this competition and they're already in the finals.  It's never even been worn in a game yet and people seem to love it.  They just need your vote to get past the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

So how did we make it to the finals?  Is it that we have the most loyal fanbase in the entire NHL?  Is it that the new gold sweater is straight fire?  We will find out.  Can we pull out a win?  We could...if you vote.  Make sure to get your vote in on the NHL on NBC Sports Instagram page today!

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