What's cuter than an adorable critter snoozing the afternoon away? A bunch of them napping together! And not just napping together, but using each other as pillows and beds. It's way too much awesome for us to take.

These animal pals are all sorts of tuckered out from their day. After all, it isn't easy maintaining that certain level of cuteness. Instead of heading off to a bed or next, the critters in the following pictures opt to sleep on each other. You probably can't handle the adorableness that awaits you as you scroll down, but suffice it to say that these are the cutest pictures you'll see all day.

Our personal favorites include the kitty sleeping on top of the dog, the pile of bunnies relaxing next to each other and the puppies that have turned one of their own into a makeshift bed and pillow. It's extra endearing to see the kitty on top of the dog because it's only about as big as the fella's head!

Now, it might be very tempting to arrange your own pets in similar sleeping situations, but you know what they say about leaving sleeping dogs to lie. We suppose that applies to cats, bears, otters and bunnies as well.

Check out the pictures below and enjoy your dose of cuteness. We dare you to find something more adorable than what you'll see in the gallery below!

Mountain Pugs
Cutest Paw
Chris Eason
Brian Maxwell