Everyone is always looking for an easy way to shed some pounds.  Some exercise like crazy, other count points.  Well, I've found a simple list of 6 foods that will fill you up and help you eat less throughout the day.  The first food may be hard for some of you to choke down, but


1. Hummus is packed with tons of protein and fiber.  For those of you who are not familiar with Hummus....it's chickpea spread.  It's delicious.  It comes in all varieties in the supermarkets.  You can also make it at home.  1 can of chick peas, some garlic, salt, pepper and maybe some thing to spice it up!!

2. Popcorn- It's a great filler and it's super low in fat.  There is tons of fiber in those little kernels.  Pop yourself a bag and enjoy.

3. Greek Yogurt- Clay loves it.  My GF eats it.  It's a little too thick for my liking, but it will help you eat less during the day.  The cool thing about Greek yogurt is that it has double the protein that your regular yogurt does.

4. Vegetable Soup- Just 1 cup....there is a bit of sodium it it, but this is a filling snack as well.  the veggies are packed with fiber and the broth (water) helps to fill you up!

5. Almonds- Love 'em, but don't get the heavy salted or the delicious flavored ones (Chili Lime, Smoked, BBQ).  You have to get regular unsalted almonds.  Tons of protein, fiber and healthy fat.

6. Dark Chocolate- Yes, you can have some chocolate.  Not everyone likes dark chocolate. Too Bad!!  LOL  According to research, a little bit of dark chocolate will satiate the craving for foods that are salty and or sweet.  Pretty cool!!



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