In Church today, the priest told a joke that got me thinking about the changes we have seen in our lives that have changed dramatically. He said, if you as a kid what sound a cow makes, they'll say 'Moo', a a sheep makes the sound 'Baa' & a mouse makes the sound 'Click, click'. He was joking about the use and dependency of technology now a days. This led me to think about the things our kids will never experience, know or see in their lifetime. Schools are already trying to get rid of cursive wiring. Here's a list of more...

  1. Pay Phones
  2. Floppy Discs (they’re not even a thought anymore)
  3. Going to the store to rent a movie
  4. Sending letters has taken a dramatic increase
  5. Smoking sections in restaurants
  6. Dial up Modem (Remember when you couldn’t be on the phone & computer at the same time!)
  7. Having to delete something from your hard drive to make room (haha)
  8. Phone Books
  9. Yellow Pages
  10. Cursive Writing (Don’t get me stated.)
  11. Records
  12. VHS
  13. Cassettes

If you have any more, please post them below! Let’s see how many we can get here!!

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