So many Western New Yorkers are looking to flock to somewhere warm soon to get out of the snow...just don't forget to bring these things along with you!

There's no question, it gets cold and snowy here in Western New York.  Months and months of that kind of weather can get to people.  So a lot of us plan vacations at this time of year to somewhere tropical to get away from it for a little while.  These are the days to head to Florida...or the Carribean or anywhere that gets above 70 for a regular period of time.

If this is you, there are certain things you're going to want to make sure to remember.

In Western New York, we are good at being prepared for all kinds of weather.  A lot of the time, people say, "It's warm there, I'm not packing anything but shorts and tank tops.  That's all I'll need."  That's what I just did...and I regretted it.  We went to Cabo last week.  The average high was 75 and we didn't have a day that we didn't hit that or more.  It was really nice.  The problem came from the ride home.

Packing shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops are fine when you get on an airplane and end up at home.  But if your flight gets cancelled and you end up having to stay in the airport, you're going to wish you had brought more than just those few things.

Here are my suggestions for you if you're packing for a warm vacation to get out of Western New York this winter...pack those shorts and tank tops...but don't forget these things too!

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