One of the fastest-growing trends is instant cash apps, such as Venmo and Cash App.

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However, did you know one of those popular apps is running into big-time problems with a scam that can clear your bank account?

According to WIVB, scammers have found a way to con people out of money using the Cash App.

Cash App, like other apps of its kind, allows you to transfer money instantly and receive it back. It's developed by Square.

A Norfolk man recently saw a "refund" posted from his account for $100.

Then before he knows it, $200 is missing from his account.

When he tried to contact Cash App, he discovered there wasn't any kind of quick contact to use, such as a telephone number or through the app. He sent an email and got a reply back two days later, saying there was nothing they could do.

What happened is someone "disputed" payments from him. Nobody at Cash App contacted him, so more payments were disputed.

Before he knew it, his bank account was drained.

Because of the lack of customer service readiness from Cash App, scammers are posing as customer service representatives. There are even bogus websites created for Cash App to fool customers into believing the site is meant to help them.

The Better Business Bureau has received many complaints about troubles with Cash App.

“We get calls daily,” said Barry N Moore, the President, and CEO of the Central Virginia Better Business Bureau.

The BBB says it's best to only send money to people you know. Transfer money from a bank account and never use public WiFi.

Read the full story at WIVB.

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