Welp, I am starting to think that maybe I deserved this?

I didn't listen to myself and the golden rule: If it is too good to be true, it usually is, in fact, that. We ordered a snowplow online and in this massive box that showed up at the door WAS NOT A PLOW.

In fact, it's actually hilarious. (and annoying all at the same time).

My wife and I recently moved and we had a super old snowblower that was falling apart. Actually, and ironically, it did fall apart. So, I tried to get ahead of the winter this year and order a new snow-removing solution. This year, I got a riding lawn mower, so I was trying to find a plow attachment to go on the front of the tractor to plow.

They are usually super expensive, but I ended up finding one online for about 100 bucks. Full disclosure, no I did not know the website exactly, but I took a chance on it. The next morning I actually had to find our web experts and IT guy to check to see if it was a scam, but we ended up not knowing exactly. This website that I bought the plow from lets you pay via Paypal and we knew that PayPal's policy would protect me in case something went wrong.

Here is what the policy said on PayPal:

"Contact us if anything seems suspicious so we can help you protect yourself from fraudulent charges against your account. We'll never ask for sensitive information in an email."

So my 100 bucks seemed protected.

Either way, after 8 weeks of waiting for this dumb thing, and 2 snow "storms" later, this is what showed up at the front porch this morning in a massive box that was labeled 'snow plow'. I knew as soon as I picked it up it was a scam because this huge thing weighed NOTHING.

It was not a plow.

It was a shower cap.

Honestly, it looks like Little Miss Muffet's bonnet or something. Sheesh.

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