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It's true that you can pretty much find whatever you desire on the internet, and when it comes to ways to cool off this summer, the website Swimply has you covered.

Swimply allows pool owners to rent out their pools for an hour at a time. You list your pool with the company, and then it becomes available to rent on their website. The company takes 15% of the cut. Swimply is often compared to AirBnB.

Locally, there are currently three pools to rent, ranging in price (and available amenities). You can opt for a simple above ground pool with patio and grill available for use for $30 an hour, a 10-ft. inground pool with cabana for $45 an hour, or another inground option with lawn games, grill, covered patio and gardens for $60 an hour.

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all get creative with staycations instead of destination vacations.

A recent report from CNBC suggests the lack of vacation travel has caused a boom for the site:

"Barely 2 years old, the company has seen 2,000% growth this summer, according to its 20-something year-old co-founders from New York and New Jersey. Prices range anywhere from $15 to $300 per hour, depending on the type of pool, location and additional amenities offered — like restroom access."

If you're sick of your backyard, you can just rent someone else's!

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