Yesterday the Buffalo Bills announced they would be releasing kicker Stephen Hauschka from the 2020 team roster.

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One tiny Buffalo Bills fan didn't take the news well.

One dad posted his daughter's reaction to hearing Hauschka was cut. The little girl looks shocked, then says "Nooooo!" and runs, crying out of the room.

Lindsey Hauschka, wife of the former Buffalo Bills kicker reacted to the video, responding, "I feel you, girl."

Other parents of our youngest Bills fans chimed in with their experiences of their kids' favorite players getting cut, like one parent of a Fred Jackson fan; her then-4 year-old with meltdowns and "Sobbing. Wore her Freddy jersey several days in a row."

And one Twitter user could totally relate, saying "I love how she held her heart. I truly know how she felt!"

According to the Buffalo Bills, rookie Tyler Bass will be the kicker for the team. They also released punter Lachlan Edwards. Punter Corey Bojorquez remains on the roster.

Hauschka kicked for the Bills from 2017-2019.

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