Tons of people are sulking today as the Buffalo Bills lost a heart-breaking playoff game in overtime on Saturday. So how do you get over the game? With food of course, and Buffalo has some of the best comfort food around!

Here are our Top 5 Buffalo foods that will help ease the pain:

1. Spaghetti Parm - This dish was created right here in Buffalo and that fact it hasn't been a staple across the nation is a head-scratcher. A heaping pile of spaghetti topped with gooey mozzarella cheese and a side of marinara should make anyone feel better today.

2. Fish Fry - Okay, we know it is not Friday or Lent season, but chances are you still find a fish fry here in the 716. A massive fish that overhangs the plate along with fries will cure any Buffalo blues.

3. Wings - Another Buffalo-created food dish. Go ahead and dunk your wings and feelings in a big ol' bowl of blue cheese, the only way to eat wings!

4. Chicken Finger Subs - What..another Buffalo-only food? Of course, you can't get chicken finger subs anywhere outside WNY. A chicken finger sub doused in hot sauce and blue cheese will help you get over the Bills loss.

5. Sponge Candy - Yes...we needed to have chocolate on this list and yes, another local Western New York treat to beat the Bills blues.



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