Recently the new owner of the LA Clippers announced he is thinking of changing the nickname of the team.

So if The Buffalo Bills ever thought of dropping the Bills part of the name, here are my Top 5 new nicknames for the Buffalo Football Team

1. Wings...Easy enough to explain. Now, the Buffalo Bisons use Wings for some of their games but they have a flat as the logo and that just won't do! The Buffalo Wings NEED to have a drumstick as the logo!

2. Americans...Take that Toronto!!! Sure you and Bon Jovi "tried" to steal the Bills but it didn't happen. Buffalo could truly become "America's" team!

3. New Yorkers...Last time we checked, both the "New York" Jets and "New York" Giants play games in New Jersey...meaning the Buffalo is the only TRUE New York Team!

4. Nickles..We are known as the Nickle City so why not!

5. Brewers/Distillers...Sure, Major League Baseball already has the Brewers but with the crazy craft beer explosion here in WNY, the Brewers might match Buffalo better. Also, distillers work too...Shots of Krupnik after every score!!

What nickname would you add to our list?

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