Yesterday I was asked a question that I should of known the answer too but had no idea....What was my blood type!

Yep.I have no idea what blood type I am. This is something that EVERY adult should know. So, besides your blood type, here are the Top 5 Things Every Adult Should Know.

1. Your Social Security number. Nowadays with on-line forms many and password recoveries, chances are you are asked for your Social Security at least twice per week.

2. Your emergency contact number by heart. If you don't have this memorized you should. What happens if you are in an accident and lose your phone. If you don't have it memorized what would you do?

3. Know how to do your taxes. Even if you have to use Turbo Tax or another online program you should be able to figure out roughly how much you will be getting back or owe.

4. Change a tire. Both men and women should be able to change a tire in case of emergency. If you don't know check out this video.

5. Know how to Parallel Park...Self-driving cars are still in the distant future, so being able to park on a crowded street and in between two cars is a must-have!


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