Some very good TV shows won't be coming back in the New Year leaving some viewers with unanswered cliff hangers!

Check out The Top 5 TV Show that won't return in 2020:

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1. Elementary - The Sherlock Homes based show starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller is officially done after 7 seasons.


2. Orange is the New Black - The Netflix series hit the ground running in 2012 but ultimately ended in 2019.

3. Schitt’s Creek - The comedy starring Eugene Levy will be calling it quits end 2019 ends after 6 seasons. The final episode will make it until 2020 when it airs on January 7th.

4. Santa Clarita Diet - The Drew Berrymore led comedy is done after only 3 seasons.

5. - Life in Pieces - Ton Hanks' son Colin couldn't carry the CBS show past 4 seasons and the series will not see the light of day in 2020.

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