It turns out that Travis Kelce and Josh Allen have more in common than dating high-profile celebrities. 

Although Travis Kelce has been well-known in the sports world for quite some time thanks to his performance in the 2023 Super Bowl and numerous TV endorsements, his new relationship with a certain pop superstar has made him one most famous athletes on the planet this year. 

So it’s no wonder that when Kelce speaks out about other athletes, people’s ears perk up. And when Josh Allen was mentioned on the most recent episode of his popular podcast, Bills Mafia paid attention. 

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Remember Josh Allen’s Ridiculous Taunting Penalty?

It’s hard to think about the Buffalo Bills’ Sunday night 24-18 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals without our eyes rolling out of our sockets; especially when we think about that nonsense call made after the Bills’ first touchdown drive. 

After a grinning Josh Allen strolled into the end zone while pointing at Bengals safety Nick Scott and referees called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, both Allen and Bills fans were ticked. 

Was Allen taunting Scott? Probably. But was it worth a 15-yard punishment? Give us a break. 

The call was so controversial, that even one of our fiercest competitors had an opinion about it. 

Josh Allen leap
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Kansas City vs Buffalo Is One Of The Biggest Rivalries In Sports

The relationship between the Bills and the Chiefs is frosty, to say the least. Although the 2022 AFC Championship is considered by many to be the one of the best NFL games ever (and gave us the unforgettable Josh Allen “leap”), time has definitely not healed all wounds for Bills Mafia (13 seconds…ugh).

Since then, we anxiously await every matchup with our rivals (the next one being December 10th when Buffalo travels to Arrowhead Stadium) with bated breath.

Which is why when Travis Kelce commented on Allen’s flagrant foul from last Sunday, Bills fans were shocked at what he had to say. 

Travis Kelce
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Here’s What Travis Kelce Said About Josh Allen

Kelce didn’t mince words on the most recent episode of his New Heights podcast when Allen’s taunting penalty was brought up. 

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It turns out, Kelce feels exactly the same as most of us who watched that call go down, telling his co-host and brother Jason Kelce, 

“Man, it’s f***** up, man. You can’t point at a guy? ... This is so f****** wack.”

He went on to call it “one of the weakest taunting calls” he’s ever seen and declared the penalty “bogus.”

“I’m on Josh’s team on this. This is bull****.”

You can listen to his colorful remarks around the 1:34:30 mark (warning - it’s definitely NSFW).

Though it’s nice to hear that Kelce agrees with both Allen and Bills Mafia about this bogus call, we can’t help but wonder what his mother Donna thinks about her son’s salty language. 


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