Let's face it -- we've had a pretty easy winter so far but get ready because that changes later this week.

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According to WKBW, snow and frigid cold will be the story by Thursday morning across Western New York.

Snow will move into the area by late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning that will bring 3-6 inches of snow. The snow will last most of Thursday, however.

The temperature will continue to drop as well. We'll see single digits by Friday and even NEGATIVE temps by Friday into Saturday morning!

If you don't shovel that snow, you can bet it'll freeze over with the frigid temperature. According to WKBW's Andy Parker, this will be the coldest day for Buffalo in over a year and definitely the coldest this winter.

Might just be a watch Hulu and drink hot chocolate kinds weekend...

Read the full forecast at WKBW.

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