Everyone is freaking out over Minnie Mouse getting an outfit change. People hate change and people hate 'cancel culture'. Minnie Mouse in Paris is going to be wearing a pantsuit for a little bit and not the red, polka-dotted, iconic dress.

It is probably important to note that this is only the Disneyland in Paris and it's only for a 30th Anniversary limited time. People may be overreacting a bit on social media.

But, we had to share this because it's pretty cool. This couple may have the coolest jobs on earth: being Mickey and Minnie. Yes, they started dating AFTER they were doing voice acting together. Imagine, two humans meeting BEFORE they got voice acting jobs, realizing that they could be the voices for Mickey and Minnie Mouse LOL

So, who is the voice of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse?

Meet Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor are married in real-life AND as in the most famous animated couple on the planet: Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Ever since 1977 for Wayne and 1986 for Russi. Wayne passed away in 2009 and Russi, to this day, still voices Minnie Mouse.

In this clip, you can watch how normal both, Wayne + Russi are and talking in their normal voices before jumping into character.

Mickey is now played by a guy named Chris Diamantopoulos

If you thought that was cool, here's the guy who followed in the legendary steps of Frank Oz, playing the voice of 'Elmo'. Who would have thought!?

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