What an incredible thrill on Saturday to see open practice and 15,000 fans! The Buffalo Bills welcome to fans to Highmark Stadium over the weekend and the weather was perfect!

I have had the incredible fortune, and opportunity, to be the public address announcer for the Buffalo Bills for the last three almost 4 seasons. Last year, during the Covid pandemic of 2020, it was very strange to be in a building that normally boasts nearly 70,000 fans and not see anyone in the seats. The energy in the stadium on Saturday morning was something that not only gave me chills, but also was very exciting when you think about what is about to happen this fall.

Training camp was moved from the Rochester area at St. John Fisher College back to Orchard Park because of COVID-19 restrictions. Most of the employees that I have spoken with who have been with the Buffalo Bills organization over the last few years say that it is great to have the training camp in Orchard Park because it is so much easier to conduct business behind the scenes. But it is also the home of this incredible team and the fans feel like it is their own home as well. And it sure was good to see them back at home!

About halfway through the practice, the crowd was around 15,000 strong and they pulled out a classic fan and Buffalo move. Watching the fans do the wave around the inside of Highmark Stadium was a great moment.

Although some fans don’t understand that you shouldn't do the wave while your team is on offense, it didn’t matter much because of the fact that it was a practice. I honestly think the players really enjoyed looking up and seeing so many people having such a great time on a Saturday morning.

Even national sporting outlets like ESPN mentioned the size of the crowd and how loud the fans were to support their team as they walked on the field for practice that morning. I cannot wait to get the season going!

Bills Mafia Want To Host A Super Bowl

The NFL announced that they will open a bidding process to host the NFL Draft, NFL Combine, and the Super Bowl. Overwhelmingly, Bills Fans want to host a Super Bowl.

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