The 2021 season is underway for the Buffalo Sabres! In their first game in 311 days, the Sabres got off to a slow start as they dropped the opener to the Washington Capitals, 6-4.

Key Bank Arena would normally be buzzing with fans of the Royal-Blue and Gold but COVID is still preventing fans from being allowed in the stands. With the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs and hockey underway again, it is a good time to be a sports fan in Buffalo.

The best part about watching sports in Buffalo is that the time seems to move quickly. It is already mid-January and with the lack of snow, this hasn't really felt like winter at all. Seeing the sings people have placed in their front yards and the support on social media, it is not hard to get caught up in the hype for our local professional sports, even if you don't know the difference between a face-off and a kickoff.

The pride that Western New York has in its sports is incredible and, in many cases, unique. How many other areas end their conversation with a chant for their team? Saying "Go Bills" has become the new "see ya later" or "goodbye."

Even if the Buffalo Sabres don't have the success over the season we would hope for, we can still get excited for a few moments like this one on Thursday night.

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