The water tower is officially being demolished. The skyline is going to look a little different in the northtowns. It really hasn't been in operation for some time so, officially finally got the green-light to do the demo.

The water tower in the Village of Kenmore is coming down in the next few months. Residents are saying that it looks worse each year and it is becoming an eyesore. I don't blame them. You want your town and village, or wherever you live to look nice. After all, you pay taxes to live there. So, officials said it was time to make it happen.

A notable part of the village skyline since it was erected in 1927, the tower's tank was drained and disconnected in the 1970s", accoridng to the Buffalo News.

Also, NO the big blue water tower in Amherst is not tipping over. The picture that everyone keeps sharing on Facebook is photoshopped. If you haven't seen it yet, here is what I am talking about.

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