Could you imagine.

Imagine concerts happening in Buffalo. You're standing there. Beer in hand, the sun is shining. Everyone's happy as can be singing at the top of their lungs as the sun goes down and the headlining act pops up on the stage.

They're much further away than normal, but who cares.

We've been waiting.

We need to look forward to something.

Clay Moden had this idea MONTHS ago and now, that the drive in is officially open as of today in Buffalo (Friday, May 15) MAYBE this could happen in Buffalo one day to see concerts even in quarantine. Keith Urban used the drive in to host a FREE concert in Nashville. He invited all of the nurses and doctors at Vanderbilt University Hospital to come first and just like the drive in, they pulled in, or backed in, at least 6 feet away from each car, brought their coolers and watched Keith Urban on the high-rised stage. He used the movie screen as a projector so you could see all the way in the back, but still it's live music.

They're going to use the drive ins for some graduation ceremonies coming up the next few weeks, but who's ear do we need to get to find out if it's possible to have a concert there. If it's checking off all of the social distancing rules, why not.

Maybe this could be a little bit of hope. Watch how Keith Urban got (probably the first) concert in Nashville ready to go.

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