Even if you don't plan on watching the Big Game this Sunday for the football action there are plenty of reasons to watch...Prop Bets!

Prop bets are simple bets that you can make based on a number of different things that can happen during the game. Some are not even Football related!

Here are some of the weirdest prop bets we found:

Who is the first person the winning QB thanks in their on-field post-game interview?

God  +800
Wife/Family +160
Teammates -160
Coach +700
Fans +800
Any other +1300

What food will Trump serve the winning football team?

U.S. fast food/Pizza -150
Mexican food +900
Chinese food +600
Indian Food +1500
Italian +150
Sushi +2000

Will Adam Levine be shirtless at any moment during the half time show?

Yes +2000
No -7000

What will the Length of the National Anthem during Super Bowl LIII be?

Over 110 seconds -115
Under 110 seconds -115

What color liquid will get thrown on the winning coach?

Lime/Green/Yellow +250
Orange +450
Red +700
Clear/Water +160
Blue +400
Purple +1200


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