It breaks my heart when I see lost dogs that are either wandering the streets or the owner has asked on social media to help locate their lost pup.

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According to the West Seneca Police Department's Facebook and Twitter pages, they found a lost little dog, on Northwood Avenue. There were no tags and it was thought to be lost for a long time since he was very thirsty.

The police named him Mr. Woofers.

If you know anything about where Mr. Woofers came from or who his owners are, you can contact Animal Control at 716-823-2988 during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

According to the West Seneca PD, any dog not claimed by its owners may be made available for adoption. If Mr. Woofers cannot be reunited with his owners and you would be interested in adopting him, you can also contact Animal Control on waiting periods and fees.

I can't imagine how scared a dog must be wandering the streets, not knowing where home is. Hoping Mr. Woofers finds his owners or at least can be adopted to a nice home.

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