The love for the Buffalo Bills is stretching far beyond the Buffalo and Western New York area. The recent success of the Bills has brought new fans to the bandwagon and you love to see it.

But here, back home, it is hard, maybe impossible, to go a block without seeing some sort of sign that the Buffalo Bills have our support. You may have seen the Josh Allentown sign in the city of Buffalo. But the love does not stop within the city limits.

You have to admit, it is fun to be a Bills fan right now. Even if you are new to the bandwagon, the surge of this team into the playoffs has got people smiling in a time that would otherwise feel very depressing. Football has brought our community together while the rest of the world spirals out of control. It has brought back a sense of unity that we could all use right now.

What happens next? The Buffalo Bills will prepare to take on the Baltimore Ravens this weekend in Orchard Park for the second round of the playoffs. Snow is in the forecast for the game and if you are one of the 6700 fans lucky enough to have a ticket, bundle up and cheer loudly! If you are creative, bring a sign and show your support!

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