The Super Bowl may have been the big draw on television on Sunday night but there is something else that people are talking about after they witnessed in the skies over Buffalo and Western New York.

With four "objects" being shot down recently, everyone seems to be on edge. Are they spy balloons? Is it something more extra-terrestrial? Or are these things ordinary items that we are over reacting to? It all depends on who you ask or which social media site that you pick. But on Facebook Sunday night, there was a buzz about a strange event in the evening sky.

Jason in East Aurora sent this photo to us:

Photo by: WYRK Listener

The theory on this particular event is that this was nothing more than a string of satellites that floated by. One response of Facebook says:

...this is how starlink satellites are launched. There's actually 55 satellites here, which is why it looks more like a row of stars.

The fear is ramping up around the United States and there will no doubt be many new reports of people seeing things that they can't explain but have a legitimate explanation. For example, these satellites that were seen on a clear night over the Southtowns.

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