The COVID 19 pandemic has not only paused things it has changed the way we will do certain things forever! The way you attend church or worship is about to change and there are some instances you can attend in person.

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According to the information passed down this week from New York State,  small religious gatherings will be able to resume in New York today. The gatherings will be limited to 10 people and everyone in attendance must wear a mask and follow proper social distancing protocols.

My wife and I were pretty happy to hear this news. Our son Ferguson was born just before the outbreak of COVID-19 and we have been trying to plan his baptism. Our other 2 boys, Hank and Teddy, were baptized during a regular Sunday morning church service with a large gathering from the congregation.  This will allow us to at least have "Gus" baptized in the presence of his immediate family and a pastor.

I can't help but wonder what the world is going to be like in a few years when we can explain to our little guy what the circumstances were in the world the day he was baptized!

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